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Imagined 3D Worlds of Raphael Lacoste

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raphael Lacoste is talented graphic design and 3D artist from Canada. Raphael Lacoste was born in France in 1974, he lives in Montreal. He works in Rodeo FX Studio, which is known for special effects in movies such as Twilight. Saga. Eclipse, Resident Evil, and others.

In the past, being a photographer, he perfectly understood the principle of composition and camera settings in the scene. And his strong love for computer graphics gave intensive impetus to the development of his work. The 3d works of the young artist saw at Ubisoft company's management, specializing in computer games. Despite the fact that Rafael was just an amateur painter and had no special education, he was invited for an interview. Creative ideas talented artist was so pleased with the company's management that he was asked to take the place of an art director in a new and not yet well - known projects of the game Prince of Persia. It is thanks to his work, we have the unique graphics and unique atmosphere in these games. These games have become so popular that Raphael Lacoste entered into a long contract, and the world saw another series of well - known games: Assassin's Creed

Separately want to highlight the rest of the arts from Rafael. Imaginary fantasy worlds 3d artist unwittingly attract views, bumping into memory. Characteristic handwriting of Raphael Lacoste can not be confused with the work of other artists. He creates his pictures in 3dsmax using Vray plug - in, followed by treatment with them in Fotoshop. In most of his paintings he uses atmospheric effects: Fog and Volume Light. Possible fine - tuning of the special effects and it is imposes the characteristic fingerprint that distinguishes his work among others.

Raphael Lacoste
Raphael Lacoste 3D Worlds
3D миры Рафаэля Лакоста - Raphael Lacoste
Assassin's creed by Raphael Lacoste
Assassin's creed
3D Worlds of Raphael Lacoste
Art Raphael Lacoste
fantastic city by Raphael Lacoste
3D Worlds of Raphael Lacoste
3D Worlds of Raphael Lacoste
Fantastic castle by Raphael Lacoste
Train Art by Raphael Lacoste
Art of Raphael Lacoste
Imaginary 3D worlds of Raphael Lacoste