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Nothing superfluous - minimalism in Interior

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Many people joke that minimalism is only suitable for honeymooners who still do not have enough funds to equip his apartment. But the beauty of minimalism in the interior can not understand each. More details about the design of this space - in our material.

Minimalism - a style of design, which is characterized by austerity, restraint, simplicity, precision and expressiveness of the composition. Contrary to classical receptions artistic creativity and traditional materials used in minimalism natural materials of simple geometric shapes, neutral colors and small volumes. The origins of this style - Constructivism and Functionalism.

Unlike other styles of interior design, in which an important place was given to the decorative design of the space, minimalist simplicity stands out in every way. Simple decoration and furniture, a large space and the almost complete absence of accessories, which we are accustomed to seeing in other interiors - all the main features of this style. Minimalism - a rejection of unnecessary furniture and belongings in favor of necessities.

Functionality - as the main feature of this style, it allows you to get rid of unnecessary items and free up space. By using, in most cases, built - in furniture and transforming.

On the one hand, really profitable - no need to buy expensive luxury furniture and decorative interior decoration, but on the other hand, not too uncomfortable and empty at this apartment? Many people ask this question, but do not forget about the benefits of minimalism. One of which is an abundance of space and light. Another, of course, is a fast cleaning, because minimalism different minimum fine detail and decoration of objects in the interior. Now imagine how much time you need to spend to brush away the dust and wipe the lovely heart commemorative items, trinkets, figurines and frames in normal circumstances. The interior in the style of minimalism, you just dust off a few items and furniture. Therefore, the time needed for cleaning is considerably less. 

Minimalism in the interior
Minimalism in the interior