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Stickers in the Interior

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The interior design has a set of directions. Today the area of ​​the premises are trying to organize in such a way that the interior was spacious, freer. In the interior of the significant attention to its functionality, originality and sustainability used finishing materials and furniture. Main role is also given to the finishing of surfaces, namely the decoration of the walls.

Increasingly in modern design projects can be seen the lack of clutter in the interior furniture, objects and accessories, so the walls take on most of the decorative features.

In recent years, a significant popular vinyl wall decals, they are new in interior design in many countries around the world. Wall stickers have a wide selection of patterns, colors and shapes. With these stickers you can make out the new interiors and transform the old. Particularly distinguished black and white wall decals, they will look great on an area of ​​one wall in the room and will help to place accents in any interior. Bright same stickers in large quantities it is not recommended to place much better to do with their help a little color composition. The most perfect option - when framed monochrome wall stickers.

The main advantage of vinyl stickers is their environmental friendliness, they do not emit harmful substances. Vinyl sticker is made up of three layers - foil, vinyl layer coated with a pattern, and the paper substrate. Stickers vinyl can be cleaned, and besides, they are resistant to sunlight, so perfectly retain their color when exposed to ultraviolet long.

Labels also are universal, applying to them you can find in virtually every corner of your space, they can decorate the walls in the bathroom, loggia, kitchen, children's room, hallway, living room, bedroom, etc. Subjects such an universal decor has no limits - floral, psychedelic, textual, children, commercial (designed for decorating public buildings). The surface of such labels as well can be different - matte, reflective, glossy, they can be embossed and have a variety of textures.

Labels can combine parts of the floor and ceiling, window sills and columns that give the interior a greater depth, volume, saturation. They can be combined independently, or use ready - made design solutions. The shape and color of the label you can think of to make to order, and its exclusive interior decoration. It is enough to provide a digital image and then you can place your order for stickers of the desired size. Parameters labels must be selected individually for each room, and at the same time take into account the size and style as the interior color scheme.

This wall decoration will undoubtedly decorate your home.

Sticker in the interior
Sticker in the interior
Sticker in the interior
Sticker in the interior
Sticker in the interior