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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Avant-garde appeared at the beginning 20го century. He became opposition of Classicism. One of basic lines, characterizing style an Avant-garde is a contrast in the colour gamut of interior. Mixing of different colors and invoices, main that they harmonized with each other, is assumed. It is possible to paint walls in different colors, or every wall in the color. Colors can be for example: orange, yellow, lemon, pistachio, red, olive, purple, green. Sometimes dye one wall in white color, and other in black. Often apply the photos-wallpapers or wallpapers related to metal, coloured and black and white.

For finishing of sexes, walls and ceiling also use other modern materials: wallpapers related to metal, decorative plasters, lacquered and painted, granite, laminate flooring. Ceiling must be suspended with built-in halogen lamps or modern chandeliers of different forms and sizes. The hidden luminescent or light-emitting-diode illuminating from beneath is very popular. Lately very popularly to combine gypsum plasterboard ceiling and stretch ceiling from tapes of PVC. Thus the stretch ceiling too can be bright and contrasting.

A carpet with a geometrical bright picture will help to underline Avant-garde style. A central object must be in every room, round that all will line up other surroundings. A sofa, television or fire-place, must be in a living room, in a bedroom bed, in a dining-room dinner-table. Furniture is placed in an apartment similarly contrastingly. Dark - at a light wall, light - at a dark wall. Ceiling and sex too must be contrasting with walls.

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