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Indian style

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Indian style
In Indian style both simplicity of lines and forms, asceticism, and luxury, refinement and discriminating taste combine harmoniously. Abundance of colors, decorative patterns, national pictures and invoices, presence of the magnificent fretted and encrusted furniture is all to a full degree distinguishes Indian style among other ethnic styles.

The Indian interiors of houses are surprisingly colourful. A colour gamut is saturated by turquoise, raspberry, orange colors. Red, turquoise, green and yellow colors are complemented by white and by brown tints red.

Walls mostly dye and decorate lithoidal pictures or decorate silk. Indian silk by touch is not such smooth and slippery, as Chinese, he is a bit rough.

Furniture in Indian style is mostly preferred from the tic tree of handwork. In itself she is simple and subzero, but she is decorated by a screw-thread, decorating insertions from ivory. Apply the mother of pearl, silver, composition-metal, forged metal. Beds and sofas are soft and comfortable, prepossessing to the dream. For the interior of room in Indian style three fully enough or four, combining in color articles of furniture.

A characteristic feature of Indian style is the bright expressed love of hindus to the decor and decorations. They use any possibility, to decorate decorative patterns the house and surrounding them objects.

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