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Country style

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Country style
Country style is named farmer style.

Style of Country - it the modern style of interior, refined and refined, is soft, smooth, romantic and near to nature. A fanciful luxury and sceneries are completely absent in him. Functionality and practicality of every object prevail in an interior, rural simplicity and colour of different countries. An interior in style of Кантри can be executed under the American ranch, Russian izba, Swiss chalet, any other rural house, in стилистике of that country in that he is.

At registration of apartment clean materials are used in style of Country style mainly ecologically. It is natural wood, cotton, flax, silk and other great deal.

On walls in an apartment inflict a decorative plaster, combining with the lithoidal or brick laying, hang ordinary paper wallpapers with floral pictures and decorative patterns. Decorate the simple sculptured decor.

Furniture has a regular, clear shape, mostly she is made only from natural, rough, light wood. Also give preference not bright-polished and wattled rattan furniture. The basic articles of furniture are small sofas, arm-chairs,
rocking chair. Main quality that any article of interior must possess is a comfort and functionality.

Rural colour an interior in style of Кантри is given various brise-bises, bedspreads, carpets, lamp-shades for lamps. Walls decorate clay, painting piattis, metallic coinage, original macrame. Natural colors peculiar to nature sneak up for such interior. The mandatory member of interior must be a fire-place.

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