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Chinese style

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Chinese style
Chinese style is this interlacing real with mythology, where basic the invented personages there are dragons - the mightiest from all animals on earth. Gold dragons, casebound branches of flowering cherry on a bright red background, hieroglyphs, flowers and pagodas - here basic lines of this style.

China since olden times is famous the porcelain handicraft, silk and certainly bamboo. Almost all in a house was made from this material and had rectangular forms: furniture, межкомнатные doors, frameworks of partitions and other elements of decor. Furniture must not be too much. The Chinese try to avoid acute angles and bulky furniture. Furniture is decorated by the difficult technique of the multi-layered varnishing and screw-thread on black varnish.

The basic articles of furniture are a deck-chair, tables and chairs, and also the lacquered dinner-wagons vases and decorations put on that refined decorated by a screw-thread.

A colour gamut of interior in Chinese style is a red and black color. A red color must be saturated, juicy, bright, in fact it is a color of fiery dragon, color of fire and life. Also use blue, black, yellow, yellow-green, green and many other colors and tints.The Chinese try to a full degree to use internal space, forming archs and niches, for the location of decorative objects and toys.

The distinctive sign of interior in Chinese style is complete absence of brise-bises and window shades on windows. In illumination does not use a chandelier, houses are illuminated by means of ordinary lamps illuminations on that catch the Chinese paper flashlights. They create the effect of soft, weakening and warming light.
On walls mostly use tissue coverage, it: natural clean fabric, синтетика, synthetic fabric with addition of natural fibres. From natural fabrics most attractive and expensive silk fabric is considered.

Feng Shui is basic principle of interior in Chinese style, and his main feature is harmony in everything.

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