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Colonial style

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Colonial style
Colonial style is this confluence of Classicism and Ethnic styles of east Asia, Africa and America. In every colony he had the character formed under influence of local cultures - African, Indian, латиноамериканской.

For Colonial style the spacious apartments divided by means of tissue curtains and screens are characteristic. Полы in them face a stone, ceramic tile, wooden, massive boards from bog or whitened oak. Cover the carpet paths woven by hand from vegetable fibres, by mats, carpets with a floral or geometrical decorative pattern. On windows hang bamboo jalousies, or simply close wooden shutters, sometimes hang brise-bises and window shades.

Permanent attributes of Colonial style are statuettes and candlesticks, hunting guns, fretted piattis, old photos in heavy scopes, wooden trunks, leather and wattled baskets, travelling suitcases and gripsacks, and also other articles of culture and way of life, personifying nomadic life of the first settlers from Europe.

For building of houses natural materials were used: clay, tree, stone, bronze, skin, ceramics. A colour gamut consists mainly of self-shades: gold, ochre, terracotta, olive. The tints of grey and "earthen" tones are applicable: cream, cacao, caramel, sandy etc.

Furniture was made from a tic, bamboo, rattan, rubber tree or yew. Furniture must be not only easy but also durable, able to carry any climatic terms. Especially arctic is furniture from a reed and rattan, having soft comfort pillows, with removable covers, from fabric of color of natural unbleached linen, or fabric with a large vegetable decorative pattern. A feral theme is very popular in the Colonial interior, her settlers adopted at the colonized tribes.

She shows up and in furniture: the legs of sofas, chairs, tables and arm-chairs were cut out as lion's paws, and furniture repeated the silhouettes of animals.

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