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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
A minimalism is style in the design of interior, a strictness, abstinence, simplicity, exactness and expressiveness of composition, is characteristic that. Despite the classic receptions of work and traditional artistic materials, in a minimalism use natural materials of geometrical simply-shaped, neutral colors and small volumes. Sources of this style are Constructivism and Functionalism.

Unlike other styles of design of interior, in that an important place is given to decorative registration of space, a minimalism is distinguished by simplicity in everything. Simple finishing and furniture, large free space and almost complete absence of additional accessories that we got used to see in other interiors are all the basic lines of this style. A minimalism is abandonment from unnecessary furniture and things in behalf on most necessary.

Functionality - also basic the line of this style, she allows to get rid from superfluous objects and free space. Using, in most cases built-in and transformed furniture.

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