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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Basic feature of style Modern is this harmonious combination of decorativeness and functionality, simplicity and absence of symmetry. An interior in this style requires large space, high window apertures, high ceiling. Another basic line of Modern - to the smoothness of lines and forms.

Today Modern is divided by two types - modern (structural) and historical (decorative). Modern Modern functionality, simplicity of elements of interior, smooth bends of lines, harmonious combination of colors and invoices, is peculiar to. It obviously underline not only in surroundings but also in furniture. Historical Modern - it, asymmetry, decorativeness and luxury, natural reasons incarnate in all интерьерных details. In such interiors furniture is decorated by a hand screw-thread, encrustation of ceramics, marble and coloured stones.

Decorate the artistic forging and casting. Ассиметричные patterns are combined with traditional decorative patterns.

In an interior very often use the niches of any forms and sizes. In them place pictures, artistic pictures or shelves for books and statuettes.

In a colour gamut use the palette of the muffled, twilight colors of purple, silvery, sage-green tints. On walls glue wallpapers with a vegetable decorative pattern, especially often use the images of lilies and taffies. Floral reasons, images of animals, birds, butterflies, got large distribution. A modern exists in harmony with nature, from her he ladles the characters and ideas, creating space that repeats the outer world in a miniature.

Harmonious combination of surrounding materials is especially important in this style: glass, plastic, stone, tree and metal. Popularity is used by a glass and lithoidal mosaic, wares from Venetian glass, stained-glass windows.

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