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Pop Art

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Pop Art
A pop-art became popular at the end of the last century. It is new, not acknowledging templates style, eccentric, impertinent and shocking. He illustrates a modern vital rhythm" as good as possible. - so the authors of popular architectural blogs write about this style. And it is impossible not to agree with them, Pop-art is created in fact, to make people stare the design. He looks unusually, contrastingly, brightly and not ordinary.

Pop-art the abundance of bright and contrasting colours, combination on the face of it of incompatible tints, use of коллажей, comics and принтов, is peculiar. Popular combination of black and white background is considered.

The special place in registration of interior is occupied by wall playbills, постеры, portraits of the known idols, image of heroes of games, comics and animated cartoons. Images can be represented not only as wall pictures, but also on bed linen, pillows, surrounding articles of decor.

In lamplight of interior create illusive space, using neon lamps, light-emitting-diode illuminating from beneath, coloured lamps of bright light.

Furniture in interiors Pop-art minimum. As well as the transformed furniture is used in Minimalism, the amount of furniture is taken to the minimum. Built-in furniture, closets, beds, is widely used, etc.

In Pop-art finishing materials mainly have a glossy surface. It can be floor tile, silky fabric, синтетика, lacquered МДФ panels, bright-polished plastic, glass, glossy paint and plaster, various strasses. What anymore in the interior of lustre - so much the better.

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