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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Style of Rococo appeared at the beginning the XVIII century. Abundance of the refined decorative compositions and saturated decorative patterns, creation of the illusive world, filled with the atmosphere of grace, comfort, heat and comfort are the characteristic features of this Palace style. Large attention is spared in Rococo to Mythology.

Pale and tender tones prevail in an interior. The most popular combinations of color it is been: white with blue, white with green or pink, gold.

Screens, visually changing space, tapestries with the images of people and colors, famous Chinese porcelain, orchids, aquarium with fishes, тонкоствольные trees, and also elegant lacquered furniture that was created in this period are another feature of interior in style of Rococo.

In the internal finishing of palace rooms widely used the difficult bent forms and decorative pattern. Walls are decorated by tissue wallpapers, brilliant painting, silk upholstering. The sculptured decor, white and gold color, can consist of krausens, reminding the leaves of plants, floral garlands, protuberant shields with the familial coats of arms, surrounded by the same krausens, from masks and shells et cetera. The walls, covered by silk fabrics, combined in color with curtains on windows and door portieres. Wall was divided on a height on two parts by frames, as mirrors. A top was mainly solid, and a bottom wallpapers were hung with different decorative patterns.

Ceiling with the decorative sculptured elements, was painted in a white color, or covered by a gilt. As a decoration of ceiling used the coloured frescos. The smooth half - round borders, decorated by a decorative thin decorative pattern, smoothed out corners between a wall and ceiling. Decorative patterns were decorate cornices, corners, молдинги and plafonds. In main halls, in living rooms and table rooms, a ceiling decor was saturated and difficult. In bedrooms and nurseries on the contrary, facilitated and modest.

Bronze chandeliers with crystal pendants took place in the center of dome or plafond. On walls not rarely hung candlesticks and sconce.

On the floor laid both an artistic parquet from the expensive breeds of tree and marble. Regardless of material a surface of sex was glossy. Used the luxurious painting carpets of handwork also.

Furniture in style of Rococo had the bent, wavy legs, decorated by an entail, decorative patterns as floral garlands, diamond - shaped net and curling vine. The upholstered furniture was a - plenty used. A room was decorated by coming then into a vogue secretaires, lacquered dressers and closets with wavy facades, dressing - tables, beds with a baldachin, table intended for one statuette, ceramic vases and ash - trays.

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