It is no secret that the interior designers who have a high level of professionalism, faster than its competitors in creating higher-quality images for their projects, have big fees for their creative work. Everyone understands, The higher your level of Architectural  Interior Visualization, the higher your level of competitiveness in the market of design services, where you compete with other companies for any design project. Any professional engaged in architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors, will tell you that without high-quality V-Ray materials is impossible to achieve a beautiful and realistic images. The more and better your collection of V-Ray materials and 3d models, the higher your level of professionalism and a much higher quality of your images, which you show to your customer.

In other words, if you have a large collection of professional V-Ray materials, you can create good realistic renderers faster your competitors, and you can to have a high level of Images for architectural interior. You will have a high professional level and the value of your services will be significantly higher.

But what if you are just starting his professional career and you havent collections of professional V-Ray materials? Of course you can use the V-Ray materials downloaded from free sites, but in the end you will not have to good results. The fact that most of these V-Ray materials were created by amateurs and non-professionals who studied the V-Ray in older versions of the program. And using them you will not get the right quality results, and only repeat mistakes of others and you will lose precious time, instead to raise their level of professionalism. The only correct solution is to spend a large amount of their time to create your own collection, or buy a ready-made collection of materials V-Ray, designed for professional rendering and use it in their projects right now.

The collection of architectural V-Ray materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN,
designed for professional Architectural  Interior Visualization

264 architectural V-Ray materials for 3ds Max, from architectural design studio ARHIGREG DESIGN
for professional realistic 3d render of interior + Collection of 93 V-Ray materials created by VISCORBEL settings
Why you should buy a collection of V-Ray materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN
This collection of basic architectural V-Ray materials include 264 best Vray materials collected for you in one big collection of 3d models and materials for 3ds max. The collection consists of 11 parts: wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, brick and concrete, ceramics, marble and granite, paint and decorative plaster, wallpaper, furniture leather, fabric.

Currently, a collection of V-Ray materials ARHIGREG DESIGN, which designed for Architectural Interiors Visualization is one of the best collections of V-Ray materials for 3ds Max. This collection is different from other collections of materials quick search of necessary material by catalogs, professional settings of materials in 3ds Max 2014 for quickly render, this collection has seamless high-resolution textures and user-friendly installation system, and well it has affordable price.

Professional Collection of V-Ray materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN - is the key to a successful, high-quality, well-paid work done in time for any Architects, Interior Designers or Graphic Designers. This collection of materials suitable for beginners Designers as a base collection to start a career, and for experienced Designers as an additional part for main collection of  V-Ray materials.
wood vray materials metal vray materials glass vray materials plastic vray materials stone, brick, concrete vray materials ceramic tiles, mosaic vray materials
marble vray materials, granite vray materials  paint, plaster vray materials wallpaper vray materials leather vray materials fabroc vray materials vray materials by viscorbel
Two collections of V-Ray materials for the price of one!


Buy this complete collection of 264 architectural V-Ray materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN, designed for professional architectural interior visualization right now and get an additional collection of 93 more V-Ray materials created using the VISCORBEL settings completely free. Use V-Ray materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN in any 3d models in your projects, where you need to apply these types of architectural building materials. Using the collection of VRay materials, designed for professional architectural visualization of interiors, you can quickly achieve good and quality renderings, increasing your level of professionalism even more.
264 architectural VRay materials from ARHIGREG DESIGN
for 3ds Max + VRay
All VRay materials in one archive
Software: 3ds Max 2014 or higher
Render: VRay 2.40.04 or higher
Archive size:  739 MB
Archive has: 3D models (.max), VRay materials (.mat), previews, seamless textures
100 USD