Collection of realistic V-Ray materials created by VISCORBEL settings

93 realistic Vray materials for 3ds Max created by ARHIGREG DESIGN STUDIO on VISCORBEL settings for Architectural Interior Visualization
vray materials
Typically, 80% success in creating professional architectural rendering depends on the material V-Ray. 20% success accounts for qualitative 3d model, adjust the lighting and cameras, as well as the setting of the V-Ray and post-processing of image in Photoshop. So if you want to go to a high level of professionalism and become highest paid Designer, creating good-quality renderings, the first with what you have to do - is to assemble a collection of good, properly configured, realistic V-Ray materials. Every architect, interior designer or graphic designer specializing in architectural visualization, must have such a professional collection of V-Ray materials. To date, the most famous graphic designer specializing in 3D computer graphics it is VISCORBEL. Among the world's English-speaking community of architects and designers, he became famous for a series of lessons of professional architectural visualization. By these lessons, step by step in the program 3ds Max, we have created and configured for you the collection of realistic materials V-Ray, designed for professional visualization of interiors. This collection consists of 93 V-Ray materials collected for you in one archive 3d models and materials for 3ds Max. All V-Ray materials have a seamless high-resolution textures. The collection consists of 8 parts: wood, metal, glass, plastic, marble, granite, interior paint, furniture leather and fabric.
Six main reasons to buy a collection of materials V-Ray, created by VISCORBEL
settings for professional Architectural Interior Visualization:
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Use these V-Ray materials in any 3d models in your projects. Use this collection of V-Ray materials, designed for professional architectural visualization of interiors and you will achieve good and high-quality renderings. Use this collection of materials created by VISCORBEL settings as a basis for creating a new V-Ray materials. Simply changing and editing textures in the material editor 3ds Max. Download this collection of materials for free, by clicking on the button below!
93 realistic VRay materials by VISCORBEL tutorials
for 3ds Max + VRay
All VRay materials in one archive
Software: 3ds Max 2014 or higher
Render: VRay 2.40.04 or higher
Archive size:  438 MB
Archive has:3D models (.max), VRay materials (.mat), previews, seamless textures